Massive G4 - 4 AWG Wire Kit

100% Copper! Accept No Compromise
We see too many “CCA” and mixed metal wire kits in the market with the intention of saving a few dollars. We find these cheap kits make overheating a serious problem and results in damaged equipment that ends up costing the end user much more than what they might have saved buying an inferior wire kit.
Massive G Series Wire Kits include: 100% Pure Oxygen Free Copper flexible silver tinned wires, Optimum power & signal flow for cooler amplifier operation, 2 Channel OFC pair directional signal cables, Custom molded RCA interconnect, ANL fuse holder, Shrink-wrapped protective mesh and pair high end speaker wires.

Weight 7.00 Pounds
Power Cable 4 AWG - 16 Ft
Ground Cable 4 AWG - 3 Ft
Speaker Cable 16 AWG - 20 ft
Singal Cable RCA Pair - 17 Ft
Fuse Holder 80 Amp Inline Maxi
Wire Material 100% Copper