Product Overview
Steering Wheel Control Interface for Pioneer, Sony Radios

Compatibility Notes
  • If you are using the SWI-PS on a Pioneer AVH series radio, the revision number of the SWI-PS MUST be 1.6.7 or higher to be compatible.
  • Pioneer AVIC-Fxxx radios do not interpret radio preset seeking commands. This is a limitation of the radio not the SWI-PS. There is no correction for this unless it comes from Pioneer.
  • Pioneer radios with Bluetooth feature, the steering wheel controls will not adjust the phone call volume. The phone call volume must be adjusted on the face of the radio. This is a limitation of the radio not the SWI-PS. There is no correction for this unless it comes from Pioneer.
  • Only the AVIC-Z110BT, Z120, Z130 and the AVIC-X920BT, X930BT will support the Voice Recognition function via wired remote input.

Compatible Radios (others may be compatible, but not listed)


AVIC-D1, AVIC-D2, AVIC-D3, AVIC-N2, AVIC-N3, AVIC-Z2, AVIC-ZI, DEH-2700, DEH-760MP, DEH-780MP, DEH-8MP, DEH-P2600, DEH-P2900MP, DEH-P3700MP,DEH-P3800MP, DEH-P3900MP, DEH-P390MP, DEH-P4600MP, DEH-P460MP, DEH-P4700MP, DEH-P4800MP, DEH-P480MP, DEH-P4900iB, DEH-P490iB, DEH-P560MP, DEH-P5800MP, DEH-P580MP, DEH-P5900iB, DEH-P590iB, DEH-P6600, DEH-P6700MP, DEH-P670MP, DEH-P6800MP, DEH-P680MP, DEH-P6900UB, DEH-P690UB, DEH-P7700MP, DEH-P770MP, DEH-P7800BT, DEH-P7800MP, DEH-P790BT, DEH-P80MP, DEH-P8600MP, DEH-P860MP, DEH-P880MP, DEH-P880RPS, DEH-P8MP, DEH-P9600MP, DEH-P960MP, DEH-P9800BT, DEH-P980BT, FHP-5000MP


CDX-710, CDX-7810, CDX-7815X, CDX-8810, CDX-C910, CDX-CA680X, CDX-CT805DX, CDX-F5000, CDX-F5005X, CDX-F50M, CDX-F5500, CDX-F5505X, CDX-F5510, CDX-F5700, CDX-F5705X, CDX-F5710, CDX-F605X, CDX-F7000, CDX-F7005X, CDX-F7700, CDX-F7705X, CDX-F7710, CDX-F7715X, CDX-GT300, CDX-GT310, CDX-GT400,CDX-GT450, CDX-GT500, CDX-GT510, CDX-GT705DX, CDX-GT805DX, CDX-GT81UW, CDX-HS70MV, CDX-M7815X, CDX-M8800, CDX-M8805X, CDX-M8815X, CDX-M9900, CDX-M9905X, CDX-MP70, CDX-R30M, CDX-R5515X, CDX-R5715X, CDX-RA700, MDX-F5800, MEX-1GP, MEX-BT5000, WX-4500X, XAV-7W,XR-CA650X, XR-F5100


MP6113, MP6213, VM8013, VM8013HD, VM8023, VM9022HD, VM9022HDN, VM9212N, VM9312HD, VM9512HD, VM9314, VM9321


XDM6350, XDM7615, XDMA6415, XHD7714, XHD7720