CD-Receiver with Built-in HD Radio

The KDCBT-765HD makes listening to your portable music player in the car so easy even a… well you understand. On the front panel of this beautifully designed car stereo is a stereo mini plug, simply connect your iPod to the input and you’re rocking it.
The KDC-HD762HD features a built-in HD Radio tuner. HD Radio digitally transforms the FM frequency to near CD-quality and AM into FM quality sound, without noise or distortion. Additional benefits include displaying of artist and song title data, multicasting; up to three additional channels of content per radio station and iTunes tagging; the ability to tag a song you hear on the radio. The tag information is then stored on your iPod and the next time the iPod is synced with iTunes you can then purchase the song if you like. Other features include an HD Radio quick access key, iPod and iPhone direct control via the front USB port. Making it easy to connect, search, select and enjoy music from your iPod or iPhone. In addition the receiver features a front auxiliary input that easily accepts the headphone output of a portable music player or smart-phone. Adding a full range and subwoofer amplifier is possible through the three two and a half-volt preamp outputs the unit is equipped with. Rounding out this exceptional value is a remote control.

Built-in HD Radio tuner w/access key
Front USB port provides direct control of iPod and iPhone
Front auxiliary input
Easy to read 1-line 13 digit FL display
CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3/WMA playback via CD transport
Three 2.5V RCA preamp outputs for optional full range and subwoofer amplifier
Mixed preset tuning allows both FM and AM stations to be preset on the same preset band
Remote Control