Alarm Bundle Two Way Remote

Protect your vehicle with this Compustar security bundle. It locks the engine, preventing the car from starting with or without a key, and it has an LED display to warn intruders that the vehicle is protected. The six-tone siren on this Compustar security bundle sounds at 105 dBs, alerting you to theft attempts and scaring away potential thieves.


1. Two, 5-button mini-remotes with New BLUE LED

2. 56 bit random code hopping

3. One time chirp delete from remote

4. Remote Panic and Car Locator

5. 2nd channel trunk release output

6. Parking light flash (relay on board)

7. Dual polarity (+/-) door lock outputs

8. Selectable 2-step unlock

9. New on-board Electromagnectic (EMS-1)

Shock sensor adjust via remote

10.Sensor delete from remote

11.Starter disable output

12. Plug-in valet/override push switch

13. Plug-in super bright LED

14. Keyless entry in valet mode

15.1 positive / 3 negative trigger inputs

16.Code learning anti-scan receiver

17. Error by-pass reporting

18. Dedicated horn output wire

19. Dedicated Siren Output wire


1. Arm / Disarm Chirp Confirmation

2. Automatic Re-arm (on / off)

3. Door Ajar error chirp (3s / 30s)

4. Door lock pulse timer (.9s / 3 s)

5. Single / Double Pulse Unlock

6. Active or passive Arming

7. Ignition Control door lock (on / off)

8. Programmable 2-step unlock

9. Car Jacking Feature (on / off)

10. Horn Confirmation (on / off)

11. Security Mode / Keyless Entry Mode