All-in-One Remote Start + Alarm Bundle

1000-ft max range remote start and alarm bundle with two 1-way remotes. Includes CM600 control module, shock sensor, siren, and LED.


Two, 5 button Mini remote transmitters

Dedicated lock / unlock

56 bit random code hopping

Over 75 trillion codes

Anti-code grabbing

Code learning / anti-scan

Two car operational

Dedicated remote panic button

Parking light flash (dual polarity)

New on-board Electromagnectic (EMS-1)

Shock sensor adjust via remote

Dedicated Horn output

Passive Arming & Auto rearm by-pass from transmitter

Pre-warning indicator Valet / override push switch

Starter Disable output

5 stage super bright LED

Error by-pass reporting

Positive (+) and negative (-) trigger inputs

Dual polarity (+/-) keyless entry option **

Optional 2 Step unlock

Car locator function

True last door arming

Back-up memory system

Second channel auxiliary output

3rd channel auxiliary

115 db electronic siren


Multiple vehicle operation

Dome light illuminated entry

Window comfort lock feature

Passive / manual arming

Valet / override

Panic function

Trunk / hatch release output

Dedicated trunk trigger input

Lock / unlock outputs

Lock / unlock in valet mode

Remote chirp delete

Siren or Horn output

Pager output

2nd channel trunk trigger and shock by-pass

Limited lifetime warranty


Chirp delete

Manual / Passive arming

Passive arming door locks

Ignition control door locks

Chanel 2 pulsed / momentary

3rd Channel momentary / latched

Lock confirmation on/off

Automatic re-arm

Single / Double pulse locks

Pathway illumination

Arm voltage sense timer

Siren / Horn output

2 step Unlock
Door lock pulse timer

** Vehicle must be equipped with electronic door locks. Relays required for 5-wire locking systems.