Acura Remote Start System

DC3 Vehicle-Specific Remote Starter

Model: FT-DC3-S, ADS-THR-HA6/HA7

Adds remote start and keyless entry features to select Acura models from 2013+. Featuring "factory fit" installation using an included HA-Series t-harness. Read below to review coverage and compatible remotes.

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Model                                                              Year                                       Compatible System
CSX                                                            2006-2011                                      ADS-THR-HA2
EL                                                               2001-2005                                      ADS-THR-HA2
ILX                                                              2016-2017                                      ADS-THR-HA7
MDX                                                            2007-2017                                      ADS-THR-HA2
MDX Hybrid                                                    2017                                            ADS-THR-HA7
RDX                                                            2007-2017                                       ADS-THR-HA2
RLX                                                             2014-2017                                      ADS-THR-HA6
RLX Hybrid                                                  2014-2017                                      ADS-THR-HA6
RSX                                                             2002-2006                                      ADS-THR-HA2
TL                                                                2004-2014                                      ADS-THR-HA2
TLX                                                              2015-2018                                      ADS-THR-HA7
TLX A-SPEC                                                    2018                                           ADS-THR-HA7
TSX                                                              2004-2014                                      ADS-THR-HA2
ZDX                                                              2011-2012                                      ADS-THR-HA3


System Features

  • Remote Start
  • 3X Lock Start (OEM Remote)
  • Keyless Entry
  • Security Upgradeable
  • Factory Fit Installation
  • Limited Lifetime System Warranty

Key Features

Factory Fit for Your Vehicle

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your remote starter was built for YOUR vehicle. This system includes a "T-Harness", which has factory style connectors that are specific to Acura vehicles.

3X Lock Start!

When you add the Compustar Acura Remote Start System to your vehicle, you will now be able to remote start your vehicle using your factory key fob!

Works with All Compustar Remotes

To get the ultimate solution in range and features, pair this system with any Compustar remote transmitter. Make sure to consider a 2-way remote to get instant remote start confirmation!